Advantages of Oak Framed Houses & New Prospects in Pre-Fabricated Houses

Timber is a popular construction material thanks to its numerous advantages. Oak framed houses are considered better than most others in aspects such as:

  • Easy and Speedy Construction

Oak is easy to source, shape, and transport. What’s more, it does not require as much work as brick-and-mortar houses. With all the necessary materials and enough labor, an oak framed house can take as little as two weeks to construct.

  • Thermal Performance

An oak framed house performs much better when it comes to heating and cooling when compared to a brick house.
Timber houses are designed to prevent moist air from reaching the wood. This acts as a leak-proof layer of insulation that keeps all the warm air inside during the bitter winter season. This ensures that your winter is warm and comfy while also saving you some money in energy bills.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Contrary to what most people think, timber houses are not detrimental to the environment – just the opposite. There is a soaring demand for housing, and most of the buildings that come up every day all over the world are made of brick and other materials. Researchers have determined that brick houses are responsible for a lot of the CO2 being emitted today.
Unlike brick houses, timber houses hardly produce any CO2 as wood naturally absorbs and locks the gas. What’s more, contractors who work with wood are involved in forestry awareness campaigns, and this has facilitated the planting of numerous trees for a greener tomorrow.
The Catch

Oak framed houses are better than others in many aspects. However, the extra benefits come at a slightly higher cost as wood is more expensive than brick and concrete. What’s more, the house’s design needs more detailed planning, and this reflects in higher labor costs.
That said, you can still have a timber house at a lower cost and with many more benefits. Get into the trend – buy a pre-fabricated house.

What is a Pre-Fabricated House?

Imagine ordering a whole house and getting it shipped to where you want it constructed. It may sound baffling, but it is quite easy.
A pre-fabricated house is designed and built at the factory and shipped to be assembled elsewhere. As such, all that is required on your part is to put everything where it should be, and add a few homely touches, of course. Pre-fabricated houses also come with many advantages, especially if you order an oak framed house from Dan-Wood.

For starters, the house takes hours to assemble, so you can move and settle right away. Additionally, these houses are cheap as the labor required is simple and cheap, and fabrication companies subsidize the cost of oak while still ensuring that it is of superior quality. Pre-fabricated houses also come with extra ingenious features that improve convenience, comfort, and safety.

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